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They watched her gradually weaken as the disease progressed.


You broke your promises.

Are you single?

I stole one.

Alcohol is a cure.

Can you believe Hugh is still only thirteen?

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It is impossible for me to finish my term paper by tomorrow.

I punished them.

Do you like these?

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I saw her crying.

I'd like to make a tour of famous sites in London tomorrow.

The wall should be very tall.


Aimee never got drunk.


Tor doesn't often stay out late at night.

To have more than one problem before him at one time makes him irritable, upset and exasperated.

Speaking about love is making love.


Can you think of any reason why Beth wouldn't want to do that?

Make sure to drink the medicine before you go to bed.

Ask me tomorrow.


I'm going to see Christopher later this afternoon.

I have nothing to do today.

I'm glad to see everything's going according to plan.

I miss him.

I have to fight.

Julius said that Vladislav was uncooperative.

He idles away the time.

Your advice is important for me.

Come here at six, not before.


John will probably pass the examination.

Remember Calvin's advice.

I've always trusted him.


I've forgotten how to make friends.


I need to get away from her.

He kisses her cheek.

You're methodical.

I had to get something from my room.

I can only work so fast.

Computer games are not good for one's health.

Yeah, and?


You should ask for permission first.

There were few colleges to educate women.

Why didn't somebody help them?

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What are you after?

Where can they be?

I remember that I met the queen.

I thought Helen had already been compensated for that.

Prakash likes to go to the beach.


Children often cry just because they want some attention.

I'm sick of this war.

Let me show you around the town this afternoon.

Terrence threw the phone against the wall.

It's only two miles to the town.

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The wind blew her hair into her eyes.

I believe you're right.

He likes to beat around the bush.

Why do you want to work for our company?

She saw there what he had dreamed about.

I've left Don three messages.

I visited the village he was born in.

He blamed me, saying I'd broken the promise.

You don't think Travis really could do that, do you?


The existence of an international language allows people to understand each other better.

Fill this out.

Where shall I wait for you?

I know you think highly of them.

I found out who Cyrus's father is.


Jun won't have that problem.

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I can't help you today.

Do you really want to know why I didn't do what you asked me to do?

I tried to get Stefan to help me.


I want to be a film star.

I'm not going to play guessing games with you.

Do you remember what happened?

That didn't happen all that long ago.

We just wanted you to know.

I felt absolutely foolish.

The cops didn't find anyone's traces.

There is no access to the building from this direction.

The Italian paid for his coffee in Germany with Greek euro coins.

The only time you talk to me is when you need some money.

Don't neglect your daily responsibilities.

She was lounging on the sofa.

I think you can't understand that feeling unless you're from the same generation.

We regret doing that.

Jeff seems to know who she is.


He has not seen much of the world.

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Lawyers will urge the parents to take further legal action.

She is willing to do anything for me.

Clark sat down at his desk and started working.

There's a big storm on way.

I don't intend to go to Boston with you this weekend.

I was born to make you happy.

We fixed that.

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It isn't pretty.

Thank you for remembering my birthday.

Today, at midday, we shall eat cherries from Italy.

Can you pack it?

I'm slow to adapt to new situations.

It's almost midnight.

I'm looking at the house.

What you're saying is true.

I have a decision to make, and I don't know who to talk to about it.

The air became warm.

This princess is in the castle.


What is music for you, listener, and for you, performer?

The weather was very good.

Kemal is energetic, isn't he?

Somebody's following me.

They're attacking us.

We have to wash him.

Passers-by were confronted with a horrific scene after the high-speed accident.

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Absence of rain caused the plants to die.

Tell me the reason why she got angry.

I tried my best, but I still lost the race.


We were arguing on different planes to the last.

The street was very empty.

We have to save her.

They say that he has a lot of old money.

This city has many wide avenues.

Lowell is bicurious.

Tell your mother about the trip.

The woman he married is very beautiful.

Sjaak didn't live a long life.

I want to go to Boston.

It is important to understand that each country has its own culture.

Let's just listen.

No one asked for your opinion.

This bed is cold.

They just want to make money. They don't care about anything else.

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I want champagne, and make sure its super bubbly.

This is something I have to do.

Our stock prices have gone down 30%.


We adopted an alternative method.


Randall looked through the peephole.

Jones didn't give me any trouble.

It's raining again!

They said something terrible had happened to Sir.

Join us!


I haven't seen you in days.


This product has significant shortcomings.

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Rolfe seems contented.

She thought she could get him to like her.

I should've gone with you.

Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

Ami is the smartest guy I know.


She apologized to his father for coming home late.

Ro resumed where he left off.

I have been betrayed, pursued, and threatened by others in my youth.


I can't understand his obsession with sports.

There's a lot we can agree on.

It needs to be repaired.


Naren is right behind Anna.


We were forced to change our tactics.


You're not yourself today.

She is a member of the basketball club.

The wife and son of the statesman died three years ago.

I still do that.

Didn't you know that he passed away about two years ago?

I met her backstage.

It'll happen quite quickly.


Eli can't get along with his neighbors.


Strawberries are made into jam.